The Good News and the Bad News about Taking a Week’s Vacation

It all happens so quickly. You’ve been planning a nice relaxing week off, centered around the 4th of July holiday, and as soon as you get to your “oasis”, you start fretting about what is happening at the Office while you are away. Did Ms. Jones call about the big new order that she’s planning for next week? Did Mr. Smith leave any messages from your 3 voicemails that you left him over the last 10 days? You know the drill.

With 40% of senior staff reporting that they’d rather work than take a vacation, because of the ADDED stress, we need to try to minimize the emotional damage to ourselves and our families, who expect us to relax along with them on the beach.

Let’s face the reality that we’d rather be notified of the long-awaited return call, so that we can deal with it, then get on with the relaxation process. Most of our Clients use our software to keep them fully connected to what’s happening all the time, even if it means the occasional interruption on their way to the boardwalk seafood paradise.

It’s good for you, and it’s good for your business. A winning combo indeed. Give us a try and enjoy that week off just a little more.

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