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BT-logoIf you are a UK based company, did you know that BT supports Avaya’s Nortel BCM and Norstar/CallPilot phone systems?

If you have a BT BCM or Norstar/CallPilot system, you can extend its useful life by implementing our low-cost software to forward voicemails automatically, as a .wav file via email, to your phone, tablet of PC.

Thousands of Users use the system every day to stay in touch with Clients, Colleagues, Family and Friends. No more tedious calling in to get messages, jot notes, or getting messages too late.

The VBKTOWAV software installs on a single PC or server, and supports an unlimited number of Users.

Try it free for 30 days, with unlimited functionality for up to 5 Users. Low annual fees based on User count.


When your Offices are being effectively shut down because the world’s most influential Politicians want a secure place to meet, you have to think well outside the (security) box to ensure that your Clients continue to enjoy excellent Service.

That was the problem facing a major Mortgage Services Company located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Their employees wouldn’t be able to get to the Office because of the G20 meetings, and their Nortel BCM 400 couldn’t be setup to access voicemails externally, because of IT security (VPN) constraints.

By installing our Voice Message Forwarding software they were able to get around the problem and send voice messages, via email, to their Staff, as they worked from home while the “lockdown” was in effect. The lead-time that they had available to install, configure 50 Users, and test, was very short, but it went very smoothly.

Problem solved, and no service disruptions that could affect their Clients.

Since then, they have found the Productivity benefits to be easily justified, and have continued to take advantage of the software.

We invite you to take a Test Drive, no obligation, no cost, no complicated signup. Enjoy!

Ideally situated in southern California, one of our early Clients continues to use VoiceBridge software connected to a Nortel BCM 400 PBX to deliver vital voice messages to their Executive Team.

When “Time (really) is Money”, staying on top of competitive Sales situations and Customer Service priorities, this forward-looking company has weathered the economic slowdown that has eliminated some of their competitors.

The VoiceBridge Voice Message Forwarding software was introduced on a 30 day trial by their Executive Sales Staff and they have been relying on it ever since. As with many of our Clients, their Telecommunications Supplier was reluctant to consider our software solution because it meant less investment on more hardware and expensive licenses.

Today, they have a stable phone system, connected to their mobile devices, and delivering the Voicemail Productivity benefits they really need.

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