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TeleworkingFromHomeUnified Communications achieves a great deal in terms of allowing staff to work remotely – that’s if they choose to work. Even the best managers need retraining: so what are the pitfalls?

You come into the office and you see a sea of empty desks. That’s OK though because you’ve implemented flexible working and are using unified communications systems to ensure that everybody is working when they are supposed to.

But you’re suspicious that they might be enjoying the sun, watching the Wimbledon final on a loop…how do you know they’re not? More…

To get started, why not just use VBKTOWAV VoiceBridge voicemail forwarding. It’s quick, easy, it works, and many of our Users were motivated to install it so that they could work from home and easily stay in touch.

Give it a try. Why not indeed?

As we wind down through the remains of 2012, and you have decided to keep your Nortel (Avaya) BCM or Norstar Phone System(s), you are far from alone. Hundreds of thousands of Nortel BCMs and/or Norstars are still in full productive use every day.

Many of these companies are realizing that they can extend the lives of their Phone Systems by installing our Voicemail Forwarding and/or OnLine Voicemail software, on any Windows PC or Server, network-connected to the phone system. That dark cloud of User frustration will be gone and your Staff will see immediate productivity rewards from staying in touch with Clients, Suppliers, Colleagues and Family, from their smartphones.

Many are replacing their complex CallPilot Desktop software, in favour of a simpler, low-cost solution with a `set-and-forget` philosophy.

You can be up-and-running in about half an hour. No muss, no fuss. A 30 day trial is yours free. Just click on the green Download button in the right hand column of this page.

The Future looks brighter already!

Based in Utah, one of our recently licensed Customers helps their many Clients to weather the recent financial storms, with rock solid advice and locally-renowned audit services.

With every Partner and Staff member using our VoiceBridge Voicemail Forwarding to increase Productivity and stay fully connected to their Clients, this Certified Public Accountancy is keeping their own costs under control.

Why replace your Avaya/Nortel BCM or Norstar if you don’t need to? Even if you get a hardware failure or need to replace the occasional handset, the costs and disruption are minimal. These systems are so reliable that they are expected to remain popular for another 10 years!

We’ll support you all the way.

Based in a mid-western State, our Client helps wealthy Families to manage their considerable assets, with great diligence, integrity and discretion. Such service requires constant attention and timely communication.

Our Nortel Voicemail forwarding software keeps all of the Company’s Partners and Staff connected to Clients, and the many financial, legal and other service organizations needed to maximize asset performance.

When Customer Service is of paramount importance, and your Avaya / Nortel BCM or Norstar / Callpilot continues to provide yeoman performance, consider replacing CallPilot Desktop Messaging, with our simple, reliable software solutions.

Many, many Nortel Customers are expressing their frustration with trying to keep CallPilot Desktop Messaging working, since Avaya / Nortel is winding down its Support for the older, yet very reliable Nortel BCM Systems.

If you have upgraded to Outlook 2010, you’ll probably be similarly frustrated.

Most people use CallPilot Desktop Messaging to be able to receive their voicemails in a timely manner, via email, particularly on their Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops. Well it’s bound to get increasingly difficult, time-consuming and costly, to maintain this key functionality for loyal Nortel Customers.

When you look at the CallPilot Desktop Messaging User Guide, it’s 70 pages long! The VoiceBridge Voice Message Forwarding Guide is 3 pages long (includes the cover-page). Download and installation takes a few minutes. The system is configured and live without taking down the phone system. The Nortel voicemails are converted from .vbk format and delivered as .wav files, attached to emails. Every smartphone can play the .wav files, usually from a single click.

You only need a SINGLE Nortel Unified Messaging Key (License) to support any number of Users.

The choice is easy, once you give us a comparative try, free for 5 Users, for 30 days. We look forward to supporting you and keeping you up-to-date. Yes we do continue to support Legacy Nortel (and BT – British Telecom) Customers for as long as you choose to keep using the rugged Nortel hardware.

In the words of a well-known online Bank – “Save Your Money”.

This Regional Government Services Organization covers a very large geographic area, to provide a range of key Services to the extended Community. We asked their I.S. Manager a few pertinent questions:
Why you selected VoiceBridge in the first place?
VoiceBridge provided us with a simple, independent way to provide staff with .wav files that could be listened to on smartphones.
The type of Nortel phone system you have?
BCM 400 (multi-location)
The typical benefits that your Users have expressed?
Primarily – straight forward and easy way to get .wav files of voicemail to their smartphones and desktops.  So much better than Callpilot Desktop Messaging because it doesn’t require any client installation or proprietary software.
 Any specific ways in which their Productivity has been improved?
Ability to share voicemail and much easier to action voicemail when not in the office.
 Other features that they would like to see added in the future?
An option to permanently delete original voicemail from the CallPilot would be great.

If you need to extend the lifespan and features of your Nortel BCM or Norstar/CallPilot, and want to side-step or replace the difficulties around CallPilot Desktop Messaging, then please consider a free trial for 5 of your key Users for 30 days. Just click that big green button…….

In the course of introducing our software to loyal Nortel Customers, we have met many former Verizon Customers who have migrated their ongoing Nortel System Support Services to Maron Structure Technologies.

We have also attended some of Maron’s informative webinars, and they have been excellent.

Like Maron Structure Technologies, we understand and embrace the fact that Nortel systems are not going away any time soon. The significant  worldwide base of loyal Nortel Customers needs Support, and wants to get much more life and Productivity from their long-term investments in telephony infrastructure.

Bravo Maron Structure Technologies!


When your Offices are being effectively shut down because the world’s most influential Politicians want a secure place to meet, you have to think well outside the (security) box to ensure that your Clients continue to enjoy excellent Service.

That was the problem facing a major Mortgage Services Company located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Their employees wouldn’t be able to get to the Office because of the G20 meetings, and their Nortel BCM 400 couldn’t be setup to access voicemails externally, because of IT security (VPN) constraints.

By installing our Voice Message Forwarding software they were able to get around the problem and send voice messages, via email, to their Staff, as they worked from home while the “lockdown” was in effect. The lead-time that they had available to install, configure 50 Users, and test, was very short, but it went very smoothly.

Problem solved, and no service disruptions that could affect their Clients.

Since then, they have found the Productivity benefits to be easily justified, and have continued to take advantage of the software.

We invite you to take a Test Drive, no obligation, no cost, no complicated signup. Enjoy!

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