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This Regional Government Services Organization covers a very large geographic area, to provide a range of key Services to the extended Community. We asked their I.S. Manager a few pertinent questions:
Why you selected VoiceBridge in the first place?
VoiceBridge provided us with a simple, independent way to provide staff with .wav files that could be listened to on smartphones.
The type of Nortel phone system you have?
BCM 400 (multi-location)
The typical benefits that your Users have expressed?
Primarily – straight forward and easy way to get .wav files of voicemail to their smartphones and desktops.  So much better than Callpilot Desktop Messaging because it doesn’t require any client installation or proprietary software.
 Any specific ways in which their Productivity has been improved?
Ability to share voicemail and much easier to action voicemail when not in the office.
 Other features that they would like to see added in the future?
An option to permanently delete original voicemail from the CallPilot would be great.

If you need to extend the lifespan and features of your Nortel BCM or Norstar/CallPilot, and want to side-step or replace the difficulties around CallPilot Desktop Messaging, then please consider a free trial for 5 of your key Users for 30 days. Just click that big green button…….

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